pARTicipate! is the name of our workshop program for youth work, social and political development processes. These creativity modules give new impetus in processes of city and district development and empower citizen participation.

Easily accessible, creative, strong.

We are working with artistic means. Video and performance can be deployed as well as classic artistic media – all depends on the given situation with its specific demands and challenges .

The pARTicipate! workshops
• stimulate participation
• intensify the relation with the common habitat
• open up new fields of action
• optimize collective processes
• guarantee strong external perception by sustained aesthetic presence.

In the conception of the creativity modules, we keep very close watch on high transfer quality of the work results as well as on optimal implementation into the structures of the main development processes.

Together with our cooperating partner systemblick Organisationsentwicklung link, we guide through the whole process if required: from the conception and the implementation of the creativity modules, the moderation of preparatory and follow-up events and working groups, to the consensual formulation of the results and their documentation.

Artikel in "polis MAGAZIN FÜR URBAN DEVELOPMENT" 02/2016   link
Die pARTicipate! Bilderküche
Sometimes, just always talking isn't enough.

The pARTicipate! Bilderküche ("image kitchen") invites citizens to start being creative. The Bilderküche activates spires city and district development. The Bilderküche sets free the potential of art in social processes and combines pedagogic know-how with innovative strategies of presentation and placement.

Die pARTicipate! Stadtbühne
Playing in the city – playing with the city

The city space is a space for living, acting, playing. The pARTicipate! Stadtbühne ("city stage") turns people into actors in the public space and opens up new ways of expressing their opinions – with the entire body. Playing in the city means playing with the city, occupying and reviving spaces, irritating and inspiring by means of unconventional actions.

Das pARTicipate! Filmcamp
We're a part – and we have a lot to tell!

The pARTicipate! Filmcamp provides a space for people to tell their stories and to show what is really important for them. The life in the quarter, the power of friendship and family, the festivities, the charm of the homeland, the love that crosses borders – those few examples already provide cinema stories galore.