Make your movies!

A Project for LEADER 2014-2020

STARS OF THE REGION is an innovative cultural project conceived for the development of rural areas. The focus is on the local people and their lives, mostly reaching far beyond the place.

STARS OF THE REGION builds bridges between generations and social groups. Furthermore, the project contributes to the cultural education in a sustainable manner. STARS OF THE REGION makes participation tangible.

Make your own movies with STARS OF THE REGION, the intiative programme for local movie productions!


Stories from the region

Living in rural areals provides stories galore. They bring the social bonds into life and fuel the attachment to the local roots. These stories, often carrying plenty of local history, are to be found, worded, and adapted for the movie by the participants of STARS OF THE REGION. Thereby, they are instructed by a team of media pedagogues and filmmakers.

Many sociocultural media projects use a purely documentary approach. They encourage the participants to depict their daily life. STARS OF THE REGION, in contrast, deliberately keeps open the creative space between documentation and fiction.

Promising starting points for creative processes arise from encounters – between young and old as well as between natives and people with migrant backgrounds.


To make a movie together, is a kind of cultural activity, that not only imparts valuable media competence, but can start at many aspects of the community life:

Young and old, people living at the place for generations and people from abroad meet, enter into dialogue, and perform artistic work together. Barriers are transcended, prejudices are overcome, lasting ties are built. Identification with the common space to live get strengthened.

Values of social togetherness – essential issues of the current LEADER period – are supported:
• Reinforcement of the community spirit
• Development of common visions and goals for the living area
• Dialogues across generations and cultures
• Socioculture
Synergy effects with other regional LEADER projects are obvious.

Communal citizen participations can be supported and optimised. Furthermore, STARS OF THE REGION is well suited for site marketing campaigns.

STARS OF THE REGION – transregional

Transnational / Transregional Collaboration Project

A movie project for young people within the framework of LEADER 2014-2020.

Make your own movies with STARS OF THE REGION, an intiative programme for local movie productions – in transregional dialogue! Groups from various regions meet, exchange experience, learn and work together.

Level of cooperation: 2-4 regions.


• New focus on the homeland – new quality of live
• Network building
• Social competence
• Media competence, possible job orientation
• Many ways of implementation:
youth social work, schools, vocational schools
• Location marketing by means of the movies and related project events

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